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Brown Frame
Canopy Color 771
Fabric Colors Standard

Select the frame and fabric colors to the left and then configure your dimensions below.

Min. Width is 11ft. Max. Width is 20ft along House Wall.
See image to the left
Facing The House

How To Measure

Nushade Specs
  1. Determine width of awning (A). This requires a clear span with no obstructions. Be sure light fixtures, down spouts, etc. are not in the way. The awing will require 9 inches of mounting space (B). A minimum of 7 feet - 6 in. (90 inches) is required from the deck or patio to the top of the mounting space (C).
  2. Select the projection that best fits your needs (D).
  3. Select your fabric choice that best complements your home. Fasteners for mounting on wood included.
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NuShade Retractable Awning

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