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Select the frame and fabric colors to the left and then configure your dimensions below. The dimension ordered is the full width of the housing. See how to measure for details.

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Discounts may apply for orders of 3 or more units. Please contact us for a custom quote and invoice.

Solar Shade Dimensions

Before installing your multiple shade, check your installation surface to identify any potential obstructions that could interfere with the solar shade during opening such as fixtures, door handles etc. Note that the retractable solar shade is not made to support high winds and accumulation of snow or ice. This can severely damage the shade or make it fall and cause corporal and material damage and subsequently void the warranty.

  • Multiple Shades come in increments of 6 inches, from 3′ to 15′. The fabric is about 3 inches less than the total housing width. Measure the space where you want to put your Multiple Shade.
  • The dimension ordered is the full width of the housing.
  • The housing is 5,5″ high by 4.5″ deep and the bracket is 3.5 inches long. Make sure you have at least 3.5″ of flat surface to install the brackets but you will also need to make sure that you have enough unobstructed space for the housing itself. The mounting brackets are universal and can be mounted on walls or under eaves or a ceilings.
  • Make sure you have space down the sides of your installation area where you can install the small brackets that keep the cables taut. These brackets can be installed on the ground or on a wall or door jamb. The cables are approximately 10’4″ long
  • Decide if you want the motor of your Motorized Multiple Shade on the right or the left end. The side is always decided when outside, looking in at the house or gazebo. The cord is 15′ and plugs into an approved GFI outlet.

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