Soft Top Patio Covers

Soft Top Patio Covers

Add protection from the elements

This is an economical and practical solution for a patio canopy system. The Jardin Patio Canopy has a strong galvalum framing that allows for a quick assembly and take down - perfect for all trailer-type applications. Made with a high quality soft vinyl top, it is completely waterproof and constructed with a 14 ounce vinyl and heat sealed seams.

Looking for a permanent year round patio cover? Check our our full line of DIY patio covers or our range of maintenance free vinyl pergola options.

Vinyl Patio Canopy


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The Roof

Our products use a heavier, stronger vinyl with a smoother surface. The 14 ounce vinyl tops are heat sealed together in both the free standing and wall attached units, not sewn. The smooth surface is also easier to keep clean.

Other manufacturers stitch their roof seams using thinner materials. Threads at the seams will dry out and leaks may appear over time.

Our vinyl tops are made in a US factory. Each top passes a strict internal quality control. Other manufacturers use outside sources that may not have the same quality or quality control.

Lots of built-in strength & weather-ability. The top extends beyond the screen walls providing a roof overhang of about 5", so rain water will not run down the screens. Provides better protection from the sun and rain.

The 5" overhang allows you to manually (using a large thumb nut) adjust the tension of the roof, virtually eliminating any water accumulation on the roof.

Our products come in seven different colour choices: Green, Blue, Grey, Burgundy, White Terra Cotta or Taupe. Other manufacturers typically offer a beige or grey top only. We have a color to suit your surroundings.

Soft Top Screen Rooms




8' Deep Pricing

(8' deep)
Actual Size
With 91" Back-wall
Deck Size
Price US$
7′ 6″ x 10′
8 x 10
7′ 6″ x 11′ 3″
8 x 12
7′ 6″ x 15′
8 x 15
7′ 6″ x 18′ 9″
8 x 19
7′ 6″ x 22′ 6″
8 x 23
7′ 6″ x 26′ 3″
8 x 27
7′ 6″ x 30′
8 x 30
7′ 6″ x 33′ 9″
8 x 34
7′ 6″ x 37′
8 x 37

10' Deep Pricing

(10' deep)
Actual Size
With 91" Back-wall
Deck Size
Price US$
10′ x 10′
10′ x 10′
10′ x 11′ 3″
10′ x 12′
10′ x 15′
10′ x 15′
10′ x 18′ 9″
10′ x 19
10′ x 22′ 6″
10′ x 23
10′ x 26′ 3″
10′ x 27
10′ x 30′
10′ x 30
10′ x 33′ 9″
10′ x 34
10′ x 37′
10′ x 37


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Superior Quality

Pro-grade patio covers, screen houses, screened in patio kits, Pegolas and gazebo kits. All sourced from premium manufacturers throughout the USA.

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Superior Quality

Better Value

No need to design and and source material separately or spend thousands on a contractor. Complete DIY kits delivered to your door.

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Better Value

Genuine Support

Not sure exactly what you need for your project? Require support during installation? We are just a short call or email away.

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Genuine Support
Unable to find a DIY product on our site that you need for your next project? Let us know! We are always on the lookout for new products and happy to work with suppliers to bring contractor grade products direct to homeowners!
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Covid-19 Impacts

Hello! We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Our ScreenHouse team is continuing to take every measure to ensure the safety of our employees and meet the needs of all our customers. COVID-19 has resulted in an unexpected surge in product sales.

People are using their backyards and gardens as a sanctuary and escape during these trying times. We love this! However, this has keeping up with demand a challenge. Be assured we are doing everything possible to work with our vendors so we can quickly ship out your orders.

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Tools You May Need

Saw Saw
You will need to have tools to cut extruded aluminum and steel. The mainframes are 2"x2" and 1"x2" while any beams will range in size from 3"x3" to 3"x10". In all cases finished lengths are cut on site by the customer. A 10" carbide tipped blade on a radial arm saw and/or a shop saw, will give you the best results. You may purchase these at your local home improvement center or perhaps even rent one.
You will need to have a drill (cordless is more handy) with magnetic hex head bits to make it easy to use the metal screws supplied with your kit.
Electris Shear
For the pan system patio covers, the "W" pans and flat pans often run in a configuration where the final pan will need to be "ripped" to fit the last section. We suggest a pair of electric shears which can be purchased at your local home improvement center or perhaps even rented.
Most other items you will need are standard... step ladders, screw drivers, pliers, tape measure, level, carpenters square, caulking gun, pencil, box cutter, chalk line and at least two pairs of hands! Since you are working with metal we suggest you wear protective gloves and eyewear

Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table

Projection 3" Roof Thickness 4" Roof Thickness 6″ Roof Thickness
6' 80 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft.
8' 50 lbs./sq. ft. 70 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft
10' 30 lbs./sq. ft. 50 lbs./sq. ft. 70 lbs./sq. ft.
12' 20 lbs./sq. ft. 35 lbs./sq. ft. 50 lbs./sq. ft.
14' 10 lbs./sq. ft. 25 lbs./sq. ft. 35 lbs./sq. ft.
16' n/a 15 lbs./sq. ft. 25 lbs./sq. ft.

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