Soft Vinyl Replacement Tops

For freestanding & wall attached enclosures

Wall Attached / 3 Sided Screen Enclosure

Vinyl replacement tops are manufacturer specific. Tops do not fit from one manufacturer to another. All pricing for the vinyl replacement tops listed below are the delivered cost directly from our represented manufacturer of Jardin model screen rooms.

For all Veranda Jardin brand screen enclosures, if you have one made after 1999, there will be a built in roof overhang and tightening system. The other distinguishing factor will be the roof panel seams are welded together - not sewn!

If you have a Jardin made before 1999 you may require a roof modification kit and we can help with that. Call toll free 1.800.922.4760 or contact us for help.

PATIO PLUS (made by Veranda Jardin) - WALL ATTACHED (3 sides) Style

Patio Plus Wall Attached

Enter in the SKU of your product or enter dimensions below to find the correct replacement cover. Measure your panel sizes and the height at which your roof is attached to the house wall.

Select Your Projection

JARDIN (made by Veranda Jardin) - OCTAGONAL (Round) Style

JARDIN (made by Veranda Jardin) - RECTANGULAR (Square) Style

Jardin Square Screen Room

GZ-1111 (11'3" x 11'3")

$1,653.00 | Buy Now

GZ-1115 (11'3" x 15')

$1,749.00 | Buy Now

GZ-1118 (11'3" x 18'9")

$1,881.00 | Buy Now

GZ-1122 (11'3" x 22'6")

$2,022.00 | Buy Now

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Pro-grade patio covers, screen houses, screened in patio kits, Pegolas and gazebo kits. All sourced from premium manufacturers throughout the USA.

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Superior Quality

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No need to design and and source material separately or spend thousands on a contractor. Complete DIY kits delivered to your door.

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Genuine Support
Unable to find a DIY product on our site that you need for your next project? Let us know! We are always on the lookout for new products and happy to work with suppliers to bring contractor grade products direct to homeowners!
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Covid-19 Impacts

Hello! We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Our ScreenHouse team is continuing to take every measure to ensure the safety of our employees and meet the needs of all our customers. COVID-19 has resulted in an unexpected surge in product sales.

People are using their backyards and gardens as a sanctuary and escape during these trying times. We love this! However, this has keeping up with demand a challenge. Be assured we are doing everything possible to work with our vendors so we can quickly ship out your orders.

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GREENGUARD Certification ensures products have met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. Phifer was the first manufacturer in the window treatment industry to achieve GREENGUARD certification for SheerWeave interior shading fabrics and has since had a wide range of fabrics GREENGUARD certified including Exterior Sun Control products. Certification is completely voluntary and ensures that the highest industry standards are being applied to maintain indoor air quality for the health and safety of building occupants. For more information on Phifer’s GREENGUARD certified products, please contact us.



Phifer sun control fabrics are the only shade fabrics in the world to include Microban​ protection. Microban​ antimicrobial protection works continuously to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

  • Microban​ antimicrobial protection is infused into Phifer Suntex fabrics for lasting protection that won’t wash off or wear away for the lifetime of the shade.
  • Suntex fabrics infused with Microban​ antimicrobial technology are ideal for any commercial or residential environment where microbes are a concern, including: Healthcare, Hospitality, Home, Office, Schools and Institutions.
  • All Suntex fabrics include Microban​ antimicrobial product protection.
  • Microban​ is the leading technology in antibacterial/antifungal protection.

Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

Exterior Sun Control fabrics are flame retardant and meet certain flame certification standards based on national and local requirements. Check the flame certification standards requirements for your project to verify compliance.

​Energy Saving

​Energy Saving

Phifer’s broad range of SheerWeave fabrics provides excellent reduction in solar heat gain for a more comfortable environment and less work for your air conditioner. Allowing diffused natural light in, SheerWeave may also reduce the need for additional interior lighting for added savings.

Lead Free

Lead Free

Phifer Incorporated’s entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead free, meeting and far exceeding several window covering industry testing standards for hazardous materials. Exterior Sun Control products comply with RoHS/Directive 2002/95/EC, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Section 101 and ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2007 for lead content. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, certain levels of exposure to lead, which can be found in everything from painted toys and furniture to soil around a home, can result in a variety of health effects. Even low levels of exposure can be harmful to children. The lead-free stamp marks another confirmation of Phifer’s commitment to remain environmentally responsible.

Melanoma International Foundation

Melanoma International Foundation

The Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) is an organization established in 2003 to provide sound guidance and support by a Scientific Advisory Board of credentialed medical professionals and melanoma specialists. MIF provides free screenings and educational opportunities to communities nationwide. Phifer sun shading fabrics have been independently tested for their effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the skin and eyes as required by MIF standards. The MIF seal of approval is awarded to manufacturers of fabrics that demonstrate high performance in traditional shading devices such as umbrellas, awnings, sun shades, and other complimentary sun protective products including sunscreen lotion and sun protective clothing.

Made In The USA

Made in the USA

All of the parts, materials and manufacturing are made in the United States.



Printing unique colors, patterns, logos and graphics on Sheerweave opens a whole new opportunity for product applications. SheerWeave fabrics are ideal for digital and screen printing methods. Your local printer can recommend the best print options based on their capabilities.

10 Year Warrant

10 Year Warranty

What Is Covered?

This warranty covers the fabric becoming non-functional because of loss of dimensional stability from exposure conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot and normal atmospheric conditions. Abnormal or excessive discoloration and fading is covered. It does not cover discoloration from atmospheric pollution or other debris.

How Long Is The Coverage Period?

The warranty coverage runs for 10 years from the date of original installation.

What Will We Do?

PHIFER INCORPORATED will provide new fabric, free, to replace the non-functioning fabric. This warranty does not cover the cost of labor or other consequential or incidental expenses.

Standard Fiberglass Screen Colors

Sunscreen-Charcoal Screen Color Charcoal
Silver Gray Screen Color Silver Gray

Standard Aluminum Screen Colors

Black Screen Color Black
Brite Screen Color Brite
Charcoal Screen Color Charcoal

Black Screen Color

Black Screen Color

Charcoal Screen Color

Charcoal Screen Color

Silver Gray Screen Color

Silver Gray Screen Color

Glas Shield Charcoal Screen Color

Glas Shield Charcoal Screen Color

Brite Screen Color

Brite Screen Color

Solar Insect Screen Colors

Solar-Insect-Charcoal Screen Color Charcoal

NoSeeUm Screen Colors

NoSeeUm-Char-Mesh Screen Color Charcoal
NoSeeUm-Gray-Mesh Screen Color Gray

PetScreen© Screen Colors

Petscreen-Black Screen Color Black
Petscreen-Gray Screen Color Gray

Super Solar Screen Colors

Super-Solar-Bronze Screen Color Bronze
Super-Solar-Charcoal Screen Color Charcoal

SunScreen© Screen Colors

Sunscreen-Bronze Screen Color Bronze
Sunscreen-Charcoal Screen Color Charcoal
Sunscreen-Gray Screen Color Silver Gray

TuffScreen© Screen Colors

Black Screen Color Black

BetterVue© Screen Colors

BetterVue-Black Screen Color Black

Suntex© 80/90 Screen Colors

Suntex-80-90-Beige Screen Color Beige
Suntex-80-90-Black Screen Color Black
Suntex-80-90-Bronze Screen Color Bronze
Suntex-80-90-Brown Screen Color Brown
Suntex-80-90-Grey Screen Color Gray
Suntex-80-90-Stucco Screen Color Stucco

Suntex© 90 Design Screen Colors

Suntex-Design-Coconut Screen Color Coconut
Suntex-Design-Coral Screen Color Coral
Suntex-Design-Rattan Screen Color Rattan
Suntex-Design-Toast Screen Color Toast
Suntex-Design-Toffee Screen Color Toffee
Suntex-Design-Walnut Screen Color Walnut
Suntex-Design-Wheat Screen Color Wheat

Suntex© 95 Screen Colors

Suntex-95-Alpaca Screen Color Alpaca
Suntex-95-Black Screen Color Black
Suntex-95-Bronze Screen Color Bronze
Suntex-95-Carbon Screen Color Carbon
Suntex-95-Chestnut Screen Color Chestnut
Suntex-95-Gray Screen Color Gray
Suntex-95-Mocha Screen Color Mocha
Suntex-95-Sand Screen Color Sand
Suntex-95-Stucco Screen Color Stucco
Suntex-95-White Screen Color White