Screened In Porch Systems

"M" Series

Similar to our s-series and c-series of screenwall systems, our "M" Series can cover almost any porch or patio conversion with a beautiful selection of window and screen options.

This product has unique options including integrated pickets, decorative lower panels and in addition to standard white has unique charcoal bronze, hammered black, and clay finishes. Perfect color match with handrail aluminum railing systems. All aluminum has a powder-coated finish for extraordinary durability.

This is a porch screen walls only solution. We also have deck enclosure kits that include covers with screen wall systems.

Screen Porch Kit
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Unique Options & Colours

Integrated pickets and decorative lower panels are available with perfect colour matches in white and Madden's unique charcoal bronze, hammered black and clay finishes.

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Fast & Convenient

The "M" series ships faster than our other options, and comes in more convenient packaging to make recieving shipments easier.

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Like all of our products, this is a high quality screen room solution with a great warranty. Madden uses 100% aluminum alloy for superior strength, is international building-code compliant, and uses a power coat finish for extraordinary durability and style.

Key Features and Benefits

Variable configurations to create your own custom three season room.
"M" Series allows you to create a room with various window/wall options:

100% Aluminum Alloy

Ultra-durable, powder coat finish with a 10-year warranty.


No splinters or protruding nail heads, code compliant deck railings.

Pre-cut and pre-drilled

Quick assembly, easily customized to fit your deck or porch project

Pre-built railing

Pre-engineered - strong, low maintenance, code compliant.

Unique Colours

Unique colours that match your walls, railings and decorative panels.

Fast Shipping

Fastest shipping screen wall solution that we carry.

Find The Right Product For You

We offer solutions from different manufacturers. Our job is to find the best quality products from great manufacturers at great prices. While all of these solutions would work in most scenarios, each one has advantages depending on your priorities.

Use our comparison table to see some of the benefits and recommendations for choosing the right product for you.

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Patio Covers

Useful Information

Product details

  • White
  • Charcoal Bronze
  • Hammered Black
  • Clay

High quality Phifer pool and patio screen with an 18 x 14 mesh for large openings.

Field Reversible Screen Door w/ 8” Kick Plate (Hardware incl.) available in Charcoal Bronze, black or white. Includes handle, closer, door stop & sweep.

Single or double screen door systems available.


  • Available in 8′, 10′, 12′, and 24′ lengths
  • 1 x 2 Open Back
  • 2 x 2 Posts

36x80 Doors (35" x 39" Door height).

Railing Kits
  • Screen Rail Kit w/ Fiberglass Screen – 8 ft. W x 8 ft. H – Charcoal Bronze
  • 36" or 42" Options
  • Charcoal Bronze or White
Railing Components (A La Carte)
  • 1 in. x 34 in. Aluminum Baluster in Charcoal Bronze or White
  • 1 in. x 38 in. Aluminum Baluster in Charcoal Bronze or White
  • 8 ft. Aluminum 2x2 in. Open Back for Screen Rail - Charcoal Bronze or White
  • Top Snap Plate 8 ft. Mates with Screen Rail 2x2 Open Back (pre-drilled) - Charcoal Bronze or White

We have an online order form that has all the necessary questions that need to be completed to fulfill your order in a timely manner.

When we receive an order, we will first send it to you as a quote. If everything is correct, you will need to confirm before it is converted to an order. Once you have confirmed and it is converted, no changes can be made..


Aluminum railing and screening products require periodic cleaning. While most powder coat finishes are tougher and much more flexible than conventional solvent based paints, they are about the same hardness as automotive paint and can scratch. To clean a powder coated surface, use the same care and methods you would use to clean your car. Gently wash with a clean, soft cloth and a mild detergent followed by a clear water rinse. Even though most powder coatings are highly resistant, certain solvents can harm them. Avoid contact with nail polish remover, paint or lacquer thinner, motor oils, transmission and brake fluids or solvent based cleaning fluids

All aluminum products are warrantied against defects of workmanship, and against peeling or flaking, when caused as direct result of defects arising solely from the manufacturing process for 10 years.



Buy/order online or call us for a no obligation quotation.

Screenwall Kits


Screen Panels

The screen panel frame is constructed using an extruded aluminum channel secured to your existing wood posts or concrete walls and utilizing a single horizontal chair rail. After constructing the screen frame, fiberglass screen material is rolled and locked into the frame’s channels with flat spline

  • Kits and aluminum extrusions available in white and bronze only.
  • Aluminum extrusions available in 8’, 10’, 12’, and 24’
  • Aluminum extrusions are easily cut onsite with a miter or circular saw with a standard 60-80 tooth wood blade
  • Can incorporate most screen doors using the Madden Metals screen door frame kit
  • Color matched and custom size screen doors available
  • Powder coat finish for extraordinary durability and style
  • Perfect color match with handrail aluminum railing system

With Railing & Pickets

Madden screenwalls can be assembled with integrated railing and pickets. Perfect color match with the panel extrusions and handrail aluminum railing system.

M Series White Screen Wall Frame
M Series White Screen Wall Frame

Available Frame Colors

Hammered Black
Charcoal Bronze
Charcoal Bronze
Desert Tan
Desert Tan (Clay)

Screen Walls

  • High quality Phifer pool and patio screen with an 18 x 14 mesh for large openings
  • Requires screen spline rolling tool with rounded wheel, Madden Metals Roller recommended
M Series Screen Wall

Railings & Pickets


Screenwall kits can come with handrails, pickets, as well as decorative panels instead of basic kickplates.

Square Baluster Railings

Pre-cut and pre-drilled 6 ft. 8 ft. and 24 ft. unassembled sections that can be field cut to any length and are quickly assembled without special tools or skills.

Curved Baluster Railings

Available in 6 ft. 8 ft. and 24 ft. knock down sections that field cut to any length and are quickly assembled. Ideal for both professional and do-it-yourself installations since no special tools or skills are required

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M Series Screen Wall

Assembled Railing Kits


With residential and commercial heights available for installation at your home, business, or commercial project, pre-assmebled railing kits of any size can be shipped in days anywhere across North America.

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Assembled Railing Packages


Hard Top Screen Room

Deck & Patio Enclosures

Ideal for the price conscious home owner providing a flat roof finished look from the underside.

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Retractable Screen

Retractable Screen Walls

This screen shade can be installed with our deck enclosures and screenwall systems.

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Lip Frame Windows Installation

Vinyl Lip Frame Windows

Turn your screen room into a 3 season haven by adding vinyl windows to your existing screen walls.

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Hard Top Screen Room

Hard Top Screen Enclosures

Three season screen rooms that stay up year round, designed for any size deck or patio.

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Brasilia Slim Retractable Awning

Brasilia Slim

Enclosed Retractable Marine Weave Fabric Patio Awning System with an adjustable pitch.

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Flat Pan Patio Cover

Awnings & Patio Covers

A full line of patio covers awnings designed to protect your decks and patios from the elements.

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Retractable Solar Shade

Solar Shades

Manual, motorized or solar powered shade available in 3 housing and 4 mesh colors.

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Pergolas and Outdoor Accents

Pergolas & Outdoor Accents

High grade PVC vinyl pergolas that come with a 20 year warranty.

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Superior Quality

Pro-grade patio covers, screen houses, screened in patio kits, Pegolas and gazebo kits. All sourced from premium manufacturers throughout the USA.

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Superior Quality

Better Value

No need to design and and source material separately or spend thousands on a contractor. Complete DIY kits delivered to your door.

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Better Value

Genuine Support

Not sure exactly what you need for your project? Require support during installation? We are just a short call or email away.

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Genuine Support
Unable to find a DIY product on our site that you need for your next project? Let us know! We are always on the lookout for new products and happy to work with suppliers to bring contractor grade products direct to homeowners!
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Covid-19 Impacts

Thank you for your interest and continued support on behalf of all of us at ScreenHouse. The manufacturer of this product has a complex supply chain and has been significantly impacted by the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As a result, we are experiencing longer wait times for delivery of product, and shipping (along with increased cases of shipping errors or backordered items) with all of our hardtop enclosures, patio covers and screen wall systems.

Rest assured we are committed to delivering these exceptional products to you and will ensure you will receive your product, to spec; however, it is difficult to provide accurate delivery lead time or commit to projects that are time sensitive. Every effort is being taken to get back to standard lead-times and this should be a short term challenge as we deal with a higher than normal spring demand. We will keep you up to date on the order process and happy to answer any questions before, during or after the product is purchased.

Stay safe!


Aluminum Products

All aluminum products are warrantied against defects of workmanship, and against peeling or flaking, when caused as direct result of defects arising solely from the manufacturing process. Products should be registered online, which we will notify you of upon sale of a "M" series screenwall system. Warranty does not cover normal weathering, damage caused by improper installation, natural disasters or negligence.

Installation Difficulty

This is a materials supplied kit that includes everything needed for the room. Depending on your specifications, kits can come pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick assembly without special tools or skills. On-site cuts are also possible for larger, more custom projects. This would have an average complexity for a DIY project and should take between 1-2 days to install depending on the size.


Shipping to your home or cottage is included with the price. Units are shipped via Company Truck where possible and otherwise would ship Common Carrier/Freight Truck, using several different Common Carrier companies which are selected at the discretion of our represented manufacturers. To help avoid damages some of our "materials supplied kits," which have materials longer than 8', may be cut in multiple pieces; any of these materials may be cut to any lengths and spliced at any location as required. Full details can be found on our delivery instructions page