W Pan Aluminum Awning Kits

Aluminum W Pan Deck Covers

Great for homes, cottages and trailers

Roll formed W-pan patio covers provide economical, solid shade that protects you and your home from inclement weather and harmful UV rays while also providing shade for relaxing. Our aluminum w pan systems are strong and versatile and delivered throughout the USA in DIY kits ready to assemble! Each system is configured of pre-engineered pans and understructure to meet your local code requirements.

As our most economical patio cover, the w-pan is a great option for the budget conscious that are not willing to sacrifice quality or performance.


Need a walkable roof or one that reduces heat underneath? Explore our insulated patio cover options.

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Snow & Wind Load Rated Kit

The w-pan patio covers can be configured to meet local building codes for snow and wind loads throughout the USA. Fully engineered roof panels are combined with high quality extruded aluminum framing system to help you create your perfect cover from the elements and add instant value to your home.

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Ready to Install DIY Patio Covers

Our w pan patio covers offer complete customization. Range of projections and widths that are only limited by physical constraints on the span based on your local load requirements. Three different aluminum pan gages, 7 different beams and 4 colors to choose from.

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Quality and Value

An ideal cover option for the budget conscious. Can be used as a patio cover or carport, and available in both freestanding and wall attached configurations. Strong, durable and long lasting without the high cost.

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Thought you might like to see a few photos of my awning installation. We love it, and they really dress up the front of the house. Thanks for a nice product.

Jerry B, CA


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Pro-grade patio covers, screen houses, screened in patio kits, Pegolas and gazebo kits. All sourced from premium manufacturers throughout the USA.

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No need to design and and source material separately or spend thousands on a contractor. Complete DIY kits delivered to your door.

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No need to design and and source material separately or spend thousands on a contractor. Complete DIY kits delivered to your door.

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Covid-19 Impacts

Thank you for your interest and continued support on behalf of all of us at ScreenHouse. The manufacturer of this product has a complex supply chain and has been significantly impacted by the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As a result, we are experiencing longer wait times for delivery of product, and shipping (along with increased cases of shipping errors or backordered items) with all of our hardtop enclosures, patio covers and screen wall systems.

Rest assured we are committed to delivering these exceptional products to you and will ensure you will receive your product, to spec; however, it is difficult to provide accurate delivery lead time or commit to projects that are time sensitive. Every effort is being taken to get back to standard lead-times and this should be a short term challenge as we deal with a higher than normal spring demand. We will keep you up to date on the order process and happy to answer any questions before, during or after the product is purchased.

Stay safe!

Tools You May Need

Saw Saw
You will need to have tools to cut extruded aluminum and steel. The mainframes are 2"x2" and 1"x2" while any beams will range in size from 3"x3" to 3"x10". In all cases finished lengths are cut on site by the customer. A 10" carbide tipped blade on a radial arm saw and/or a shop saw, will give you the best results. You may purchase these at your local home improvement center or perhaps even rent one.
You will need to have a drill (cordless is more handy) with magnetic hex head bits to make it easy to use the metal screws supplied with your kit.
Electris Shear
For the pan system patio covers, the "W" pans and W Pans often run in a configuration where the final pan will need to be "ripped" to fit the last section. We suggest a pair of electric shears which can be purchased at your local home improvement center or perhaps even rented.
Most other items you will need are standard... step ladders, screw drivers, pliers, tape measure, level, carpenters square, caulking gun, pencil, box cutter, chalk line and at least two pairs of hands! Since you are working with metal we suggest you wear protective gloves and eye wear.

Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table

Projection 3" Roof Thickness 4" Roof Thickness 6" Roof Thickness
6' 80 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft.
8' 50 lbs./sq. ft. 70 lbs./sq. ft. over - 80 lbs./sq. ft
10' 30 lbs./sq. ft. 50 lbs./sq. ft. 70 lbs./sq. ft.
12' 20 lbs./sq. ft. 35 lbs./sq. ft. 50 lbs./sq. ft.
14' 10 lbs./sq. ft. 25 lbs./sq. ft. 35 lbs./sq. ft.
16' n/a 15 lbs./sq. ft. 25 lbs./sq. ft.

Warranty Information

The aluminum extrusions and pans are guaranteed not to peel, blister, flake, chip, split, rust, crack or delaminate for the lifetime of the product. The aluminum extrusions are guaranteed not to peel, blister, flake, rust, chip, split or crack for for the life of the original retail purchaser. Subject to the limitations and conditions listed in the LK Aluminum warranty program.

Installation Difficulty

This is a materials supplied kit that includes everything needed for the room with the exception of lag screws/bolts/anchors to mount the c-channel to your wall and to secure your bottom post brackets to your deck. Material may arrive in full extruded lengths and final cuts are to be made on site. Panels are available in any custom length but only 16" wide which might mean panels will need to be ripped for widths that are not an even dimension. This would have above average complexity for a DIY project and should take between 1-2 days to install depending on the size. We are always available for support if you have questions before or during installation.

Shipping Information

Shipping to your home or cottage is included with the price. Units are shipped via Company Truck where possible and otherwise would ship Common Carrier/Freight Truck. The carrier/Freight companies are selected at the discretion of our represented manufacturers. To help avoid damages some of our materials supplied kits where there might be materials longer than 8', we may cut longer lengths into multiple pieces; any of these materials may be cut to any lengths and spliced at any location as required. Full details can be found on our delivery instructions page.