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Which layout best describes the space you want to enclose?

One Wall Layout


One-wall systems have one opening being screened in. This could be between two walls or between a wall and an existing post, or two existing posts.

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One Wall Layout

Two-wall systems have two openings being screened in. The openings could be separated by an existing post along a straight wall, or a corner with or without an existing post.

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One Wall Layout

Three-wall systems have three openings being screened in. The most common scenario is when you are building an enclosre out from a single house wall, but we can accommodate scenarios where there are posts or partial walls along either side.

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One Wall Layout
COMPLEX - Anything Else

Anything that is not covered by the scenarios above are considered complex and cannot be handled by our online builder. It is likely that we can build a kit that meets your needs. You can download the request form below, complete it and email it to us directly we can get you a quote. You can also contact us directly through our site to get the process started.

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How are you attaching the cover to the wall?
What kind of roof panels do you want?

Select this option to add an optional kickplate.

Kick Plate

Add an optional chair rail to your cover.

Chair Rail
Are you building your enclosure around an existing railing? If yes, will the railing be inside or outside the enclosure?
Standard fiberglass is the default. See screen types page for details.
has several color options. There is NO ADDED FEE for selecting a non-default color. Selecting a non-default color however can add 5-10 business days to the order processing. View screen types on this page »
Let us know if you would like a MINIMUM width for your openings. This is optional, if left blank we will find the best possible fit for your openings.
Let us know if you would like a MAXIMUM width for your openings. This is optional, if left blank we will find the best possible fit for your openings.
We have kits with pre-engineering so no additional engineering costs are required.
Please select your panel color.
Please select your post color.
Please select your beam color.
Please select your frame color.
Please select your trim color.
Optional - if you have a preference for the fascia type.

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